How long do newborn sessions take?

Newborn photography sessions are often long because babies, especially newborns, have their own schedule and needs that must be accommodated during the photo shoot. These sessions typically last anywhere from two to four hours or longer, depending on various factors such as the baby's age, temperament, and whether they are asleep or awake.

Here are some reasons why newborn sessions can take a while:

  1. Feeding and soothing: Newborns need to be fed and soothed regularly, which can take up a significant portion of the session. The photographer may need to pause the shoot while the baby is being fed, burped, or changed.
  2. Sleeping schedule: Newborns sleep for most of the day, but their sleep schedule can be unpredictable. The photographer may need to wait for the baby to fall asleep before starting the photo shoot.
  3. Setups and props: Newborn photo sessions often involve multiple setups and props, such as blankets, baskets, hats, and headbands. These setups can take time to arrange, and the baby may need to be moved from one setup to another, which can be time-consuming.
  4. Safety: Newborns are delicate and need to be handled with care. The photographer may need to take extra precautions to ensure the baby is safe and comfortable throughout the session.
  5. Creativity: Newborn photography is an art form, and photographers may want to experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting to capture the perfect shot. This can add to the length of the session, but it's worth it to ensure that the final images are stunning and memorable.

Overall, newborn photography sessions are long because they require patience, attention to detail, and a willingness to work around the baby's needs and schedule. The end result is beautiful images that will be cherished for a lifetime.