When is the best time to book a newborn session?

Booking your newborn session in advance will ensure that we can later schedule your precious baby into a date that will best work for you and me. Best time to book is in your 2nd or 3rd trimester. Your spot is secured once the contract is signed and retainer of $100 is paid.

What does it mean to "Book" your newborn session.

When you "book" a newborn session with me, you are reserving a dedicated time slot on my schedule in advance, so that I can make arrangements to accommodate you when the baby arrives. Please note that the actual session date will not be confirmed until after the baby is born.
Due to the uncertainty of the baby's arrival, it is not possible to schedule the newborn session in advance. Instead, once the baby is born, we can work together to find a suitable date and time for the session that accommodates both of our schedules.

What is best age for newborn session?

Babies photograph best under 12 days old, they are still very flexible and sleepy to successfully be posed. Most images that you see in my portfolio are babies that are under two weeks old.

If your baby just arrived and you didn’t book your session, feel free to reach out to me, I might be able to accommodate you.

My baby is 1 month or older, do you take older babies?

Yes I do, however please understand that most likely older babies are not going to be as sleepy and while it’s not impossible to achieve certain poses, it could be a lot more challenging. Most older babies setups are done swaddled only and awake.

What if my baby arrives early or late?

I only ask to notify me within 24-48 hrs of your baby arrival in order for me to coordinate my schedule accordingly. We will decide when to set it up depending on the baby's weight and health condition. Leave the rest up to me, you have enough to worry about.

When do we schedule the session date?

As soon as your baby arrives I will be expecting to hear from you via original communication method/tx or email. The sooner I find out that your baby is here the more date options I can offer. We will decide on the actual date once you get home from the hospital, until then I won’t bother you. Few days before the session, you will receive a letter from me with all the info about how to prepare for the session and what to expect from it.

Do you provide outfits and props for the baby?

My studio provides all the props, outfits, accessories for the baby, you really don’t need to bring anything. Most outfits are custom/handmade and internationally sourced. My collection of props is always growing, for any special requests please let me know ahead of time.

What do you suggest parents to wear?

Most of the time family shots are close ups, I do ask to bring a set of light beige/ white tops for the family and a set of black tops. They should have no logos or prints on them, solid colors only. I do have a small collection of maternity dresses that can be easily used for family shots and you will have access to them. I have a small collection to offer for siblings as well, but it depends on sizes. We can always discuss this prior to the session.

When do I get my photos?

You will receive a Proof gallery within 7-14 days after your session to pick your favorites. After you are finished narrowing them down, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your final images with artistic editing.

How many images do I get?

It depends on the package you choose to purchase. You can upgrade to a higher package, but you can’t downgrade to lower one after the session took place. You also have an option to purchase additional images (price varies depending on the package you chose, please see my price guide)

How long is the session?

It’s really hard to give an exact time frame because a lot has to do with how sleepy your baby is at the time of the session. This is posed newborn photography and the baby needs to be in deep sleep in order to achieve some poses. Some sessions take longer and some take less. On average, expect to be in my studio for 3 hours. My studio is equipped to accommodate you for this period of time with TV, snacks and refreshments.

Are you Vaccinated?

In addition to being a newborn photographer, I am a healthcare provider and I am fully vaccinated, always up to date.

Do I get Raw or original images?

Raw or Original images are not for sale. They are unfinished products that do not represent my work unless edited fully.

Can I order more pictures later?

Yes you can, however I do not guarantee to store your images over 60 days after delivery of your final gallery.